VMSS (Vardhmaan Mahaveer Sikshan Sansthaan) is a Department of Education. Under this Department a program is running which is B.E.T.C. (Basic Education Trainer Certificate) in all India. Under this program Education will be provided through tuitions which will be given by the Teachers of B.E.T.C. under VMSS at the Village level to every Child who is studying between 1st to 8th standard. Owing to poor financial conditions most of the children is Indian villages cannot afford tuitions. Through this initiative, VMSS aims to provide the deprived children with Education at low costs.

Role Of Education

In present world Education plays the most important role in a person’s life. A person has to be literate to face and move through critical problems of daily life. VMSS will help the Children who want to Study and want to be self dependent. Focus will be on providing the children with Education at affordable rates and the centers to be setup within easily commutable distance. VMSS centers will be setup in all villages of the state.

Education With The Technology

This department will also provide Computer Education to every child. Children will also be made aware of new and developing technologies through practicals and science based projects. Department will also take care of the child’s health by providing medicines and treatment at these centers free of cost. The students will be made aware of the environment so that they grow up as responsible citizens of the country. Children are the future of the country, only when they will be literate the whole country will be literate.

Key Features in VMSS

The key feature of VMSS’s Educational plan is to provide Education to three children at the cost of the tuition fee of a single child. Through this plan the tuition fee (a fixed amount finalized by the dept.) charged per child is extendable to two or more children from the same family. That is, a single family can educate up to three children by just paying for one. This plan will help to bring down the financial load on the families who today strive to educate their children. At VMSS we aim to secure every child’s life by providing them Education and health facilities.